Markilux Pergola 200

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Markilux Pergola 200

Conservatory Awnings

  • large sun protection for patios
  • using the proven technology of the markilux 8000
  • with slender front posts, one front post is telescopic and adjustable in height


  • Front post system made of steel – telescopic on one side – for effective water drainage from a minimum pitch of 7°. From a pitch of 14° sufficient water drainage is assured without lowering the front post.
  • Telescopic front post can be lowered by up to 30cm. This functions by means of a gas piston inside the post. The post can be brought back into its normal position by pushing in the button on the front post and pushing the rod underneath the track upwards. This needs to be done before the awning is retracted.
  • Easy fixture of the cassette to the wall and of the posts to a concrete base. The front post made of steel, can be continuously adjusted from approx. 220cm up to 250cm in height during installation.
  • Coupled units available up to 2 fields.
  • When retracted the cover is completely protected from the weather by the cassette, which encloses it completely.
  • High cover tension from two individually working gas pistons.
  • Being a further fixing point the front posts give the awning added stability over and above the fixture of the cassette to the wall, resulting in less torque being exerted on the facade.
  • Particularly large extension with high wind stability (wind resistance class 3)


  • Elegant awning system on slender front posts with side guide tracks
  • The options to combine cassette colour, end cap trim and insert colour (as on the markilux 6000) makes it possible to personalise the markilux pergola and turn it into your own individualised patio awning.

Standard features:

  • Powder-coated in the standard colours: traffic white, metallic aluminium and grey brown
  • Hard-wired motor
  • All the fabric patterns from the markilux collection are available
  • Face fixture of the cassette
  • Cover panels ultrasonically bonded

Optional accessories:

  • Special powder coating finishes from the Lounge style line or other RAL colours available (price on request, extended lead time)
  • Remote control motor with ergonomic markilux transmitter
  • Wall sealing profile to cover the gap between wall and cassette up to an awning pitch of 25°.
  • Cassette end cap colour combinations
  • Awning covers made from waterproof sunsilk material (surcharge)
  • Further additional accessories and controls can be found in the
  • Proper water drainage can only be guaranteed at a minimum pitch of 14°.

The markilux pergola 200 is recommended in situations where the pitch is less than 14°. The markilux pergola 200 is available with a
telescopic front post (optionally even with two) that can be lowered manually. This is a real advantage especially in the case of limited fixture heights and gives you the option to achieve proper water drainage at a minimum pitch of 7°. By lowering the front post by up to 30cm the water can run off easily. At a pitch of over 14° the telescopic front post is not necessarily needed.