Markilux Pergola 200

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Markilux Pergola 200


The Markilux Pergola 200 is the most compelling conservatory awning on the market. The Pergola 200 offers a telescopic front steel post that can be lowered up to 30 cm and returned to its highest position at the touch of a button, for easy setup and retraction. At a pitch of 7°, the Pergola 200’s telescoping steel front post system allows for complete drainage of water. However, because of its streamlined design, water can drain without utilising the telescoping post system from as high as 14°of pitch.

The signature Markilux cassette can easily be affixed to any wall, and the posts to any concrete base. While installing the cassette, you can adjust the height of the steel front posts from 220 cm on up to a height of 250 cm. The front poles give the awning more stability, which mean less stress will be put on your wall by the cassette, preventing unnecessary damage over time. You can also connect units up to two fields, to cover a larger area.

Retracting the cover into the cassette, completely encasing it, allows for thorough weather protection. And with a class 3 wind resistance, the Pergola 200 can be safe and stable in most extreme weather conditions.

None of these details would matter if the Markilux Pergola 200 did not also look nice. The unobtrusive and sleek front posts give the Pergola 200 an understated elegance. With a wide-range of optional cassette colours, fabric patterns, and trim options, you can customise the Markilux Pergola 200 (and the Markilux 6000) to blend with your own personal style. Every patio would look nicer with Markilux protection.

Some compelling add-ons include: distinctive powder-coating finishes and end cap colouring (pricing available upon request), convenient remote control deployment and retraction, deluxe waterproof Sunsilk material, and much more.

If you are looking for stylish protection that complements your existing patio, then you need the Markilux Pergola 200.

Conservatory Awnings

  • large sun protection for patios
  • using the proven technology of the markilux 8000
  • with slender front posts, one front post is telescopic and adjustable in height

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