MakMax Umbrellas

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MakMax Umbrellas

MakMax Umbrellas

MakMax Umbrellas represent the pinnacle of sleek and chic design amid extremely customisable durability. Each unit can be personalised through colour and branding to blend perfectly with your specific style, and can be accessorized with heating, misting and lighting units. These collapsible, portable, and modular pieces can be anchored to most any surface, from wooden decks and walks, to concrete or stone slabs. Don’t worry about assembly, because every unit comes either pre-built or in an easy-to-assemble component form making MakMax the easy choice for your outdoor umbrella needs.


Using only the highest industry standards for strength, MakMax Umbrellas have high frequency butt-joint welded canopy panels with tape reinforcing to stand up to even the most extreme weather. What’s more, the Tenara PTFE thread, used on the canopy perimeters, is fortified to withstand UV rays, salt water, acid rain, pollutants, and pesky micro-organisms.


MakMax offers wind-rated steel frames with long lasting commercial quality. They allow you to customize each unit’s fabric and powder-coat colours across a range of durability, or if you want maximum durability, you can choose a completely steel frame made from marine grade 316 stainless steel. For the powder-coat colours, we use the Triplex brand steel coating system that uses a combined zinc and aluminium spray with dual-layer powder-coats for the best most durable protection available.


Our canopies are made of only the highest quality waterproof PVC material that is resistant to UV rays and fungus, while being a breeze to clean. We use only the best fabric technology so you can do as little upkeep as possible, while still maintaining beautiful and functional units.


Cables made with marine-grade 316 stainless steel keep the fabric taut, and easy-to-use tension adjustment means relatively low-maintenance.


Most models can be folded and unfolded in seconds with our patented lever erection system. No internal gears means our system will not lock-up or jam.

Contour vs. Linear Edge

Contour edges add a slick minimalist design, and can be found standard on models like the Monaco, Pavilion, St. Tropez, and Quasar. If you want added coverage, and the option of adding gutters or blinds, then the linear edge might be what you need.