Sunteca Timber Venetians

In addition to retailing some of the finest Australian blinds, shutters and awnings, here at Sunteca we also produce a select range of Timber venetians which represent the finest in natural materials and quality workmanship. Sunteca timber venetians are durable, stylish and versatile enough to fit any interior decor scheme.

Both our Sunteca timber venetians online are made from 100% natural wood, grown in North America especially for this purpose. The basswood, also known as tilia, lime or linden, is a pale soft wood which is light and ideally suited for forming into venetian blind slats. Its beauty and pliability also lends itself to artistic woodcarving. When we work with it, it is finished in a polyester lacquer which protects the wood and gives a subtle sheen. The red cedar, which has a distinctive warm hue, is finished with a special wood oil which enhances the grain of the wood and protects it from environmental damage.

There are a number of customisation options when you buy Sunteca timber venetians. Apart from having them cut to size for your windows, including splitting in two along the lines of the window mullions, there is a choice of operating mechanisms. Select either the traditional cords for tilting and raising/lowering the blinds, or alternatively, ask about our remote controlled automation technology.

We are the exclusive producer of Sunteca timber venetians in Sydney, so if you like the look of these quality venetians please do make an appointment for a free measure & quote by calling 1300 853 518 now.

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